Göymen Essential Oils

Sustainable Harvesting and Environmental and Social Responsibility

Göymen Essential Oils are operating under the full cooperation of and regulations of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Turkey signed a Customs Union agreement with the EU in 1995 and was officially recognised as a candidate for full membership on 12 December 1999. Göymen Essential Oils follows all Turkish labour laws and are responsible members of the local communities in providing a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees.

All our products (except Lavender Angustifolia) are wildcrafted. These plants are grown in their natural environment and are harvested sustainably without any pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers of any kind.

The Antalya district (where we harvest our products) is area located on the Mediterranean coast of south-west Turkey, between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea has a long history of harvesting wild plants. This region of over 20,000 square kilometres enjoys a semi-tropical climate with hot and dry summers and rainy winters.



After distillation all our spent materials are recycled. Spent wood chips are sent to make plywood, the spent herbs and botanicals are sent to make natural paint and other products.

Göymen Essential Oils is committed to ensuring a sustainable future for our products, our environment and providing a safe environment for the men and woman who live and work in our area.