Our social compliance policy includes the standards we have established by working together with all our business partners and local government offices, based on our basic principles and corporate values. Our goal is to ensure that the Social Compliance Policy becomes a corporate culture within our business. Therefore, social compliance standards have been established and are being implemented. In addition to creating quality products and services with these social compliance standards, this policy undertakes:

  1. To give employees all their rights arising from the standards within the framework of Turkish employment laws, to comply with the rules of occupational health and safety.
  2. To be sensitive to the environment
  3. To create a workplace environment where employees can have the honest communication, respect and value.

The social compliance policy is being implemented to all our employees through on-site training or through communication channels (bulletin board, website, mail group, etc.), our suppliers are informed of our policies and are evaluated according to these criteria.

Within the scope of this policy, no sanctions or punishments are applied against employees who raise their concerns, complaints and suggestions. Instead, wishes and complaints boxes are used to express these concerns. Employees can express all kinds of opinions, requests, complaints and suggestions to the boxes, and these are evaluated by the Senior Management and if necessary, improvement activities are carried out for areas open to improvement.

The Social Compliance Policy covers the following components:


       4857 Labor Law English Plain Text

      FOR MORE OFFICIAL; http://iskanunu.com/genel/4857-labor-law-english-plain-text/


  1. Forced Labor (Voluntary Work)

All our employees have voluntarily sought out employment with Göymen Essential Oils. All employees are hired for a specific task and can seek other employment at any time. In the event that the employee leaves the job (except for any security reason), the company cannot prevent or postpone his or her departure. All records and information of our employees are protected and kept confidential within the scope of KVKK.

  1. Child Labor (Underage Employee)

Child labor is not acceptable at Göymen Essential Oils. Except for compulsory situations such as student training, the minimum age determined by national and international laws is taken into consideration and followed.

Göymen Essential Oils is bound by Turkish Penal Code Article 71 of Labor Law No.4857: '' Jobs that are prohibited in terms of children and young workers under the age of 18, and jobs where young workers who have completed the age of 15 but who have not completed 18 will be allowed to work, children who have completed the age of 14 and have completed their primary education "REGULATION ON THE WORKING PROCEDURES AND PRINCIPLES OF CHILDREN AND YOUNG WORKERS", which covers the procedures and principles regarding the light jobs and working conditions in which they can be employed.

  1. Discrimination (Equality Approach)

Göymen Essential Oils values ​​all its employees and their contribution to the company’s products suppliers and customers. It has a long-standing commitment to anti-discrimination and equal opportunity. As management, we maintain our organization as an institution free from discrimination or physical or verbal harassment on the basis of race, gender, color, nationality, social origin, religion, age, disability, political opinion or any value status protected by Turkish laws in force. Personnel selection for our business is based on minimum qualifications that are clearly defined for job vacancies, education requirements, interests, skills, and work experience.

  1. Ethical Business Behavior

Our business does not tolerate any form of corruption, fraud, embezzlement or bribery. Any employee found to be in non-compliance with this policy will be subject to legal and civil action.

  1. Working Hours and Wages (Wage / Salary)

Göymen Essential Oils offers its employees competitive wages relative to the industry and local labor market. Our practices are carried out in full compliance with applicable laws and employment contracts on wages, working hours, overtime and benefits. It offers our employees opportunities to develop their skills and capacities, and these efforts are supported by offering opportunities for promotion where possible.

    6. Health and Safety

Göymen Essential Oils aims to ensure the continuity of our employees by creating a safe, healthy and productive work environment by minimizing the risk of exposure to accidents, injuries and all kinds of factors that threaten our employees’ health. Care is taken to provide a workplace environment free of violence, harassment, threat, abuse and disturbing conditions. All occupational health and safety rules regulated by Turkish government’s legal regulations are applied in our business.

  1. Commitment to Society and Stakeholders

Göymen Essential Oils aims to establish a bond with its stakeholders on the basis of good faith by listening to their opinions, obtaining information from their views and taking their opinions into account. In this context, it determines the employee representatives according to the legal legislation, creates an environment where employees can discuss their problems with the representatives and allows them to report their suggestions. It makes a commitment to establish a dialogue with its stakeholders, when appropriate, on workplace related and workplace rights issues within its sphere of influence.

  1. Employing Foreign Workers (Employment of Foreign Workers)

Employment contracts for foreign nationals who are / will be employed in our business in accordance with our laws are contacted in their own native language. All personal transactions from recruitment to termination are carried out in accordance with current Turkish legal regulations. Legal rights of foreign workers on work are protected by our company. Our business does not employ illegal workers (anyone who does not have legal rights to live in or work in Turkey).

  1. Rest Days and Holidays

Our employees are not deprived of rest and official holidays within the framework of their legal rights.

  1. Recruitment and Employment

Employee vacant positions needed in the company are determined in accordance with the management of Göymen Essential Oils. Recruitment / employment is carried out by the company management in accordance with the laws and within the framework of certain rules (egalitarian approach, leave, wage, vacation, employment contract, etc.).

  1. Business Arrangement

An "Indefinite Term Employment Contract" is prepared between our business and the person to be employed, in accordance with the workplace and the law, containing the conditions offered to the candidate personnel. This contract is signed by the personnel who agrees to take the work position. A copy of the employment contract is given to the employee against signature, and all the rules required by the enterprise / job are transferred to the relevant personnel with the orientation training.

  1. Work and Worker Discipline

Disciplinary rules determined by the disciplinary board are applied by our company in order to ensure disciplined work. The company cannot impose sanctions or wage cuts in any way to discipline its employee. All of our employees carry out their work in accordance with the working rules instructions.

  13. Environmental Protection

Göymen Essential Oils manages all environmental impacts that may arise from our activities with a sense of responsibility. In all our activities, we determine and implement all classes of improvement and development activities that will eliminate or minimize environmental impacts and use natural resources in the most efficient way.

Forest and wild lands where aromatic plant oils are collected, are harvested sustainably. Medicinal aromatic plants obtained from Antalya and Fethiye forests and forest regions are transported and processed directly without any chemical or physical damage to the environment.

All principles in this policy document are put into practice with the necessary regulations and the level of the implementation is audited by the relevant company and government oversight. We consider the success of our business in social responsibility practices as an important criterion in the evaluation of company performance.

This policy document has been prepared to share with all our employees, all our stakeholders and all our business partners for a clear commitment that GOYMEN ESSENTIAL OILS will fulfill all its responsibilities for a better world and future. Our company takes the following environmental protection as a principle.

* To reduce waste in production and packaging.

* To reduce paper usage by using automated systems.

* Saving energy as where ever possible.

* To provide clean and safe working conditions inside and outside the business.

* To recycle all paper, nylon and aluminum molds used.

* To recycle waste water by purifying it.

* It is converted into water with a heat exchanger by condensing the steam generated during distillation. Here, the excess water is used again and this way the water pollution is prevented.

* The water used in the system and the natural water coming from the mountain pass through the treatment while entering the system. This way, the waste water is used and recycled.

  1. Sustainability Concept and Sustainable Land Management

Sustainable Land Management is defined by WOCAT10 as follows;

It is the adoption of land use systems in which the ecological functions of land resources are protected and / or increased with appropriate administrative approaches and offer the highest level of economic and social benefits to land users. The basic approach is a management approach that takes soil, water, vegetation and animal resources into consideration.

Sustainable Land Management practices are practices that maximize vegetation cover, minimize land degradation, provide biological activity and plant nutrient management, include integrated crop production / animal production / forestry systems, and protect traditional pastoral systems. A good practice with a Sustainable Land Management approach; It ensures improvement of soil organic matter, water conservation or water harvest, continuity of nutrient cycle, land management with advanced technologies in crop / animal production, control of diseases / pests.  By drawing attention to the increasing population since the 16th century, the scarcity of land to meet the needs of this population has been emphasized. Efficient use and protection of scarce land stock has become an important economic and environmental policy goal.  As the population increases, the demand for food and shelter will increase, and people will need new lands. Under these conditions, on the one hand, important environmental values ​​will be destroyed, on the other hand, the desertification process will increase in undesirable levels. Sustainable use of land is only possible with the existence of an effective land management system. Land policies are required for effective land management. The principles of land policies, which have complex socio-economic and legal regulations that determine how the benefits to be obtained from land that will be allocated are laid out by public authorities, strategies and action plans are developed regarding the optimum use of the land.

Göymen Essential Oils states that we are committed to ensuring the sustainability of the land and plants on which we collect our botanicals and that we follow our social compliance policy stated above.