Our staff Botanist, along with our technical and commercial team review the structure, genetics, ecology, distribution, classification, and economic importance of the various plants along with evaluating the distinctive plant life of particular region. Only when we have a complete understanding of the various botanicals will we begin harvesting and distillation. Our collection team chooses only fresh and economicly valuable parts of the plants for the best quality essential oils. 

As a leading distiller of quality Essential Oils, we offer a large selection of 100% Pure and Natural Essential Oils. Our Essential Oils are acquired by steam distillation from a “Natural Forest” source. These “Wildcrafted” oils are widely used in aromatherapy as well as flavors, fragrances and pharmaceuticals. 

“Wildcrafted” oils are completely natural. There are no GMO's, herbicides or pesticides used. No plants are gassed or irradiated, and all the chemical nutrients are left intact. Our foraged “Wildcrafted” oils come from our region are also more resilient to disease and can possess more of the desirable constituents (the beneficial plant chemicals responsible for health & healing). 

“Wildcrafted” Essencial Oils often contain exotic fragrance and flavor compounds prized in Aromatherapy and Perfumery. Göymen Essential Oils offer a wide selection of pure, unadulterated and unique Essential Oils obtained from the blossoms, leaves, bark, and roots of flowers, herbs, fruits and spices. Organic Certificates for all our products have been applied for and will soon be approved.