Odor Description

Sweet, ambery, balsamic, Myrrh reveals liquorice and smoky undertones. It gives a deep balsamic and ambery facet with a woody mushroom effect.


CAS : 8016-37-3, 84929-26-0
FEMA : 2766
EINECS / ELINCS : 284-510-0
TARIFF N° : 3301.2941.9018

Stability and Storage:

Keep in tightly closed container in cool dry place, protected from light.

Product Code Legend

WCR = Wildcrafted ,ORG = Organic, PTL = Plantation Grown ,CLT = Cultivated


Commiphora myrrha

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Myrrh is gum resin, tapped from the Commiphora Myrrha tree which originates from parts of Arabia, Somalia and Ethiopia; the resin’s produced by tapping the tree to make small incisions, from which small teardrop-shaped droplets emerge. These droplets are left to harden into bead-like nuggets, which are then steam-distilled to produce an essential oil in our factory in Turkey. Used in aromatherapy applications, Myrrh Essential Oil is known to have expectorant effects that reduce the discomforts of respiratory problems, offering relief for colds, congestion, coughs, bronchitis, and phlegm. Used in a massage, Myrrh Essential Oil works as an astringent that strengthens the muscles and smooths the skin while promoting relaxation. It cleanses the pores by increasing perspiration, and its anti-inflammatory properties prevent bodily toxins,

Potential Uses:

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